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Here in the Quad Cities Pressure washing is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces that are subject to mold, dirt and grime build-up.

The Moline Painter has 10 years of experience with superior, deep cleaning services to make sure your home looks its best. The area around your house is just as important as the actual building.

Keeping areas like your patio and walkways clean is not only important for good looks, it is important for safety as well. Over the years, the build-up can create a slippery surface that can pose falling hazards and its just unsightly.

Please give the Moline Painter a call today at 309-798-0278 so we can help keep your property safe and clean. Schedule your FREE in-home estimate now!

Quad Cities Pressure Washing Services We Offer:

Quad Cities pressure washing done right by the Moline Painter

Brick/Paver Patios

Keep your outside patio clean with the superior pressure washing skills of The Moline Painter. We use only the latest state of the art equipment to make sure that your outdoor entertainment area stays in the best condition possible.

Don’t worry again about feeling self-conscious when having a cookout or family gathering.

We guarantee a fantastic clean every time, your going to be amazed at the results. Call us today at 309-798-0278 

check out the difference on this brick sidewalk in Moline IL after the Moline Painter pressure washed years of grime away

Brick/Paver Walkways

Having cleaned walkways is important because it makes your home look more inviting and friendly.

No one wants to make their way to your front door dodging caked on grime so give The Moline Painter a call and we will be sure to come out and provide an expert clean to your brick or paver walkways and sidewalks. Trust your Quad Cities pressure washing to us, call today @309-798-0278

quad cities pressure washing on this Davenport IA retaining wall shocked the homeowner who watched the transformation done by the Moline Painter

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls collect dirt and build up extremely easily because they are usually surrounded by soil and dirt that accelerates the growth of algae. Don’t let that stand in the way of having visually attractive walls complementing your landscaped gardens. We make quick work of pressure washing your retaining wall so you can get back to enjoying the fresh look.


Like everything else on the exterior of your home, your fences need to be taken care of if they are to last their full potential. We at The Moline Painter have been helping our Quad Cities customers make sure that everything on their property stays clean and in pristine condition. Keeping fences clean can actually help ward off cracking and wearing down. It is amazing how corrosive ordinary dirt and grime build up can be. If not dealt with in a timely manner by The Moline Painter

Keep the perimeter of your property looking professionally cleaned with the help of our specially trained team. We use the latest state of the art equipment and washing solutions to make sure that your fences stay clean and protected against sun damage. We are careful to make sure that we conduct a deep, thorough clean without damaging the materials it is made of. Give us a call at 309-798-0278 and we will be happy to schedule your FREE, no obligation price estimate.

Quad Cities Vinyl Fences

Take your dingy vinyl fence and make it new again with a call to the Moline painter at 309-798-0278

Vinyl is a great materials to use and take care of. The surface is easily cleaned by the Moline painter. At most you just have to worry about the amount of grime layered on your fence. It’s always important to keep your fences clean because they are constantly in the elements. Give us a call any time your need your vinyl fence cleaned and we’ll schedule your free price estimate.

Quad Cities Wood Fences

quad cities fence pressure washed my the Moline Painter

Wood fences are more delicate than vinyl because they are more susceptible to damage from weather and constantly being in the sunlight. Wood swells and cracks with time and if no properly sealed. And easy way to prolong the life of your wooden fence is to make sure that they are regularly cleaned by The Moline Painter

Rust Removal

Removal of unsightly rust stains from vinyl and concrete by the Moline Painter
quad cities pressure washing of this concrete rust stain by the moline painter

Let The Moline Painter be your reliable source for Quad Cities pressure washing including tough rust removal. Did you know that your side walks, patios or any part of the exterior of your home is subject to rust stains even if there is no metal in sight? The Moline Painter uses a safe method for removing all rust stains so you don’t have to deal with the unsightly red tinge on your property.

You would be surprised at the amount of rust affecting your concrete, paver or vinyl components. Give the Moline Painter a call at 309-798-0278 to find out how important it is to remove rust stains now. When you call, we will be sure to schedule your FREE in-home pricing estimate.