Fence Staining 

Fence Staining Process 

a stockade style privacy fence professionally stained by the Moline Painter

Fence staining is a necessary service for area fences.  There is a solution to making that gray weathered fence look new. The Moline Painter will create a program to improve and protect your fence. 

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a well stained fence will enhance the beauty and value as well as safety of your homes exterior, call the Moline Painter today at 309-798-0278 to get your QC fence stained today

Quality Built privacy fences require regular maintenance. The Moline Painter can provide periodic inspections and maintenance which includes, but not limited to  

  •  Safety as well as function
  •  Repair loose boards
  •  Repair sagging gates or posts that are not as straight up and down 
  •  Adjust the locking mechanism
  •  Regular pressure washing and staining with a quality oil based penetrating            stain   

Board on Board Privacy Fence

quality fence staining by that moline painter

For quality fence staining on a board on board privacy fence, it is important to properly prepare all sides of the fence which includes sides, edges, and the top. After the fence has been pressure washed properly make sure it is dry, then add a quality oil based penetrating stain to protect your investment.

Red Cedar Fences

A quality red cedar privacy fence needs to be protected by periodic pressure washing and staining by the Moline Painter

Red cedar fence can be expensive. To protect your investment periodically spray red cedar fences with a semitransparent, penetrating, oil-based finish.  This process will help keep it from turning silvery gray.