Deck Staining

Deck Staining Process

this deck was sanded stained and sealed by the The Moline Painter www.molinepainter.comquad cities deck staining and sealing by the moline painter, this deck was sanded before stain was applied to give a more uniform look

The various weather conditions in the Midwest can take a toll on decks and other wood surfaces around the home. 

Decks and other wood surfaces must be taken care of properly and periodically maintained. Maintain wood surfaces by re-sealing and re-staining them at the right time. Not taking proper care of wood surfaces can become a costly expenditure that significantly decreases the home value.

The Moline Painter has sanded, stained and sealed hundreds of decks in and around the Quad Cities.  Your deck or wood surface are prepped for long lasting results.

Deck Sanding deck preparation the right way by sanding the boards after pressure washing to give a smooth surface for the staining and sealing of this quad city deckUse of a 15 inch sanding disk on a floor buffing machine speeds up the deck sanding process on this moline Illinois deck by the quad cities deck staining expert, the moline painter.

Sanding is one of the most important steps when staining and sealing decks and other wood surfaces.

Sanding allows for a smooth surface to apply paint or stain. Sanding opens up the wood pores to become receptive to the paint or stain when it is applied. 

Once the surface preparation is complete, the crew will use one of three methods to apply the paint or stain; paint, spray or roll. Every project is different and the application of stain varies. Each job is customized to fit your home perfectly.  

To have your deck re-stained call The Moline Painter at 309-798-0278 to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE!

another fine quad cities deck staining by The Moline Painter visit his site at www.molinepainter.comcoal valley IL deck by the moline painter
another quality deck my the moline painter